Get your machinery repaired, assembled, maintained and set up by our expert mechanics or let our team provide turkey heating, ventilation and air conditioning services for your project.

Heating, Ventilation &
Air Conditioning.

M Modern CO subsidiary of HVAC and Machine repairs is a service company providing repair, maintenance, and assembling of machines. We offer a wide range of machinery options ranging from industrial to commercial machinery for repairing services.


Reliable centralized air conditioning and ventilation service

Our HVAC technicians can set large heating/air conditioning systems and set up ventilation systems for commercial and residential projects.

To make an ambiance pleasant and refreshing it is very important to keep its temperature according to the requirement of the people. In summers, everyone wants to work in a chilled atmosphere very everything is refreshing rather than working in a hot environment, whereas in winters everyone wants to have cozy and warm vicinity so that they can relax.

M Modern effaces all these problems by providing the best Heating and Air-Conditioning system. We install quality DX split system, Carrier Air cooled Reciprocating Chiller, Ducted Split Unit and much more. All these services will always serve your requirements in the best way possible.

Masters of HVAC & Machinery, Ready to Fix.

Our broad and expert team of mechanics and technicians are the masters of their department. Team M Modern aims at perfection through the satisfaction of our customers. From attaching machine parts to replacement of nonfunctional parts and testing the machinery, M Modern provides exemplary and cost-effective solutions to your technical problems.

Team M Modern creates an active framework for our clients, providing them with routine maintenance and repair at a lesser coefficient of time and money.

M Modern Co also offers quintessential services for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. 


Get In touch with HVAC & Machinery Repair department on the following contact information:

Address: 2021, Office # 1, Road 1550, Block 815, Isa Town, Kingdom of Bahrain
Email: [email protected]



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