Get your Indian, Filipino, and Pakistani food carvings served at Rasrumman Restaurant in Bahrain.

Indian, Filipino & Pakistani
Cravings Catered.

Rasrumman Restaurant

Rasrumman Restaurant, set on the beautiful location of, is a multi-cuisine restaurant. Chefs at Rasrumman fabricate each and every cuisine with utter perfection. Ranging from Indian Filipino and Pakistani food, Menu at Rasrumman Restaurant consists of scrumptious and divine high-end cuisines.

Rasrumman Restaurant - Located in Bahrain, Heart in Asia.

 A single dine-in experience at Rasrumman leaves our customers with carving for more. Our excelled team of chefs from all three cuisines prepare each and every dish to perfection leaving the customers with one in a million food experience. 

We also offer Catering service for our valuable clients, so that they can enjoy their favorite meals on their special day with their loved ones and feel at home. Our aim is to take back our migrant customers to their homeland through the aroma and taste of their favorite cuisines. Rasrumman Restaurant excels in serving unparalleled high-end Indian Filipino and Pakistani food. To experience a luxurious fine dining experience all the food lovers must visit Rasrumman Restaurant.

Express Delivery

Call the restaurant now to get your food delivered at your doorstep. Contactless delivery also available.

Dine In

Come to Rasrumman to enjoy the mouth-water food that reminds your of home back in Asia.


Parties? Events? Let us bring the delicious Asian food for your guests & handle catering.


Get In touch with Rasrumman Restaurant on the following contact information:

Address: 2021, Office # 1, Road 1550, Block 815, Isa Town, Kingdom of Bahrain
Email: [email protected]



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